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Susan Hannaford is an award nominated Australian actress best known as "Australias Sweetheart" in her role as Kitty Sullivan in the multi-award winning drama the Sullivans which featured over 1,000 episodes. In diversifying into haute couture, Susan Hannaford opened boutiques throughout Australia and the United States and designed and sold an exclusive collection to Fred Hayman Boutique on Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills whilst designing an exclusive collection for the CBS television program, the Bold and the Beautiful and was written into the show as a famous Australian fashion designer by Executive Producer, Bradley Bell.

Susan Hannaford and Bradley Bell launched the first episode of the Bold and the Beautiful in conjunction with Australia's Channel Ten at Susan Hannaford's haute couture boutique in Double Bay, Sydney, Australia. Using the funds from her successful acting and haute couture career,

Susan Hannaford diversified and became a renowned luxury real estate tycoon winning multiple luxury real estate awards including the

prestigious award for "Best Luxury Private Residence".

Susan Hannaford Couture is a celebration of elegance and the essence of femininity whilst embracing ethereal beauty and romance with an elegant understated simplicity.

Susan Hannaford Couture is custom designed from hand from the initial sketch to the curation of materials, color tones and style, each dress tells a unique story, embracing the dynamic of a woman's softness and unapologetic powerful beauty. 

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Susan Hannaford

Image by Taylor Heery
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